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Pink premium weight soft 100% Portuguese cotton sweatshirt with vintage 60s Peanuts print

Reproduction of a classic Determined Productions Peanuts print from the 1968 Presidential elections

As the 1968 election race heated up, Schulz turned his daily strips in a politically charged direction. In a 14-day series, Schulz had Snoopy join demonstrating birds and carrying his own sign for “Paw Power”, a direct play on the Black Power ideology of that same period. The message was not wasted, Peanuts fans and counterculture activists across America soon adopted a widespread ‘Snoopy for President,’ campaign. Pin badges and pennants displaying the slogan ‘Snoopy for President’ became omnipresent on college campuses and rallies. Schulz even drew and released a Peanuts Presidential Election poster book, complete with all of the characters and their respective platforms for election.

Such was success of the campaign, Snoopy was embraced by actual voters as a write-in candidate in California. New legislature had to be quickly introduced to make it illegal to enter the name of a fictional character on the ballot, in fear of Snoopy winning the California seat and making a mockery of an already corrupt political system. He was also the top choice for President of the children of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The demonstration was led by Randy Becker. Disillusioned with politics and politicians, he led a groundswell of young people in his city to encourage voters to Vote Snoopy.

Made in Portugal