TSPTR Spring Summer 2021 - FEEL FLOWS

Hollywood, the unofficial capital of California, is a land of strangers, arriving alone and looking for connections. Most eventually find friends or like-minded souls; others find connection in religion, but during the 60s and 70s some ended up in even stranger fringe groups. While Hollywood might have been the epicentre, it’s no secret that the entire state was home to an unprecedented number of new theologies.

As disparate as the countless groups were that made up the burgeoning subcultures of what some called Cultifornia, they were strung together like mismatched beads on a single thread. That thread was comprised of those who sought answers and those who sought to give them. Malibu and Topanga Canyon provided a spiritual retreat from the chaos of Los Angeles after the post 60s free love comedown. For some it was about spiritual expansion and self care, for others it was about belonging to something larger than oneself. Groups like the Source Family offered fellowship and a new way of life while others such as Synanon provided the ego boost that comes to the possessor of a specialized knowledge or truth, easy answers for complicated problems. Many found a reassuring alternative to the looseness of counter‐cultural living but in some cases would soon realize there was a darker methodology at work

This collection is inspired by the new wave of subcultural groups that emerged on the West Coast during the 1970s, some good, some very bad - transcendental meditation, jogging, spiritual retreats, geodesic domes, healthy eating, cosmic vibrations, crystals, psychotropic drugs, mind control, rattlesnakes, private armies and messiah figures.