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Golden Ochre cotton canvas TSPTR Tote Bag with water based ink print on both sides, ethically made in Portugal

43cm x 42cm excluding handles

All natural environmentally friendly 12oz cotton canvas tote bag with an original Weird Walk design, perfect for transporting ritual paraphernalia to ancient sites or just doing the shopping

The Summer Solstice is upon us, it is time to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man with this limited edition TSPTR x WEIRD WALK tote bag featuring Summerisle's favourite 'influencer' - Lord Summerisle himself on the front and Nuada, God of the Sun on the reverse!

While we cannot guarantee a successful harvest, we strongly believe that buying this tee will mean your crops will not fail!

Summer is the most psychedelic time of year. Longer days, warmer weather and hazy evenings combine, creating the perfect time to gather outdoors. Excursions into nature, foraging missions, greeting the rising sun, and a general desire to commune with the natural environment: all these things are enhanced during the highest of seasons. As the poet Richard Jeffries noted way back in 1883, “not only the days, but life itself lengthens in summer”…



TSPTR x WEIRD WALK Influencer Tote