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Black premium weight 100% cotton certified organic TSPTR tee with an original Weird Walk print, ethically made in Portugal

First 50 sales receive a free TSPTR x WEIRD WALK canvas tote bag 

Summer is the most psychedelic time of year. Longer days, warmer weather and hazy evenings combine, creating the perfect time to gather outdoors. Excursions into nature, foraging missions, greeting the rising sun, and a general desire to commune with the natural environment: all these things are enhanced during the highest of seasons. As the poet Richard Jeffries noted way back in 1883, “not only the days, but life itself lengthens in summer”…

Some like to camp, some like to ramble, some gather in fields for the communal ritual of the music festival. Some turn on, some drop out. We haven’t taken drugs since we realised we could get high from staring at a standing stone, but everyone finds their own path.

The wheel of the year has well and truly turned towards the light and TSPTR and Weird Walk have teamed up to create a capsule range of t-shirts and accessories to explore the beautiful clearing in the forest where counter-cultural vibes overlap with ancient mysteries of mythical Britain. It is an intersection we call Acid Folklore, and these are our first offerings…

Check out Weird Walk at www.weirdwalk.co.uk.

Weird Walk fan the faint embers of magic that still smoulder in the grate and conjure that elusive temporal trackway of history and mystery, a weird walk that bypasses nostalgia and leads us back towards optimism and re-enchantment.

TSPTR x Weird Walk Bad Day Walking Tee TSPTR x Weird Walk Bad Day Walking Tee

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