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Inside Jacques Renault’s cabin, Agent Cooper finds Waldo, the mynah bird. They also find traces of blood, and a One Eyed Jacks poker chip with a bite taken out of it.

Grab this enamel, true size (1.5″) purple and gold One Eyed Jacks poker chip pin for just 1/100th of its face value. It comes wrapped in a plastic, limited edition EVIDENCE bag as if collected by Special Agent Dale Cooper himself.

In 1990 David Lynch and Mark Frost brought a cinematic element of dark intrigue, unease and mystery to the small screen that television audiences had not previously been exposed to. It was that mystery, along with the ominous woods, questionable owls and somehow off kilter picture perfect town that enthralled a slew of fans. The transcendental, acid tinged, Red Room scenes with the backwards talking Man from Another Place swept viewers off of their couches and into Twin Peaks’ alternate universe. From there began the journey to a place both wonderful and strange, where Twin Peaks' supernatural undertones, oddball characters and interdimensional dream sequences spawned a dedicated cult following and changed television. This capsule range celebrates Lynch and Frost's masterwork

TWIN PEAKS One Eyed Jacks Poker Chip Pin Badge