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Reproduction 1950s British Military Brushstroke Pattern camouflage as used in Malayan conflict during the 1950s. Brushstroke camouflage is one of the earliest disruptive designs and is considered a foundation from which many other patterns sprung. It was the British Army, specifically a Major Mervyn Dennison of No3 Commando, who during WWII formulated the idea of using large mop like brushes to paint over a standard khaki coloured heavy cotton smock to create an effective camouflage. The concept was then used on smocks for issue to British Airborne paratroopers operating behind enemy lines. The term 'brushstroke' refers to the painted strokes which created large swathes of colour, usually thinner trails leading off where the strokes weer begun. The original British Airborne smocks were in fact hand painted using non colourfast dyes but in time the process of screen printing was implemented leading to much more efficient production of the textiles.

Based on 1950's US Military Physical Training issue sneakers, our Cadet Sneakers are fully hand-made in Japan at one of the nations last remaining Vulcanised factories.

Made from heavyweight 100% cotton woven in Japan.

It's only when you pick them up, or more importantly put them on your feet, that you'll find what truly sets them apart. Feel that extra heft, that extra cushion. Double soles, a feature rarely seen on sneakers now, make these some of the most comfortable sneakers available. Heavy duty rubber foxing, taped seams, nickel eyelets and vents, double stitched stress points, full sponge insoles, reinforced heel and toe cups. A new gold standard for the classic sneaker.

Supplied in a cotton canvas TSPTR x John Lofgren shoe bag.

US sizes 7 - 12

* Please note the sizing comes up around 1/2 a size larger than usual sizing. For example if you usual wear a US9 then please buy a US8.5 *

Cadet Sneakers - Brushstroke Camo Cadet Sneakers - Brushstroke Camo

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Cadet Sneakers - Brushstroke Camo