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TSPTR Journal Spring Summer 2021


124 pages, Perfect Bound, 27 cm x 21 cm, full color

In this issue we asked an eclectic cross section of friends including well known musicians, writers and artists to explore a passion related to their work, examining the cultural, political and recreational zeitgeist of their worlds. 

The assembled writers and artists all influence TSPTR in one respect or another, their work and ideas acting as catalysts for continual exploration.


Featuring :

5 Guitars I have Known and Loved - Andy Bell (RIDE, Oasis)

Slipping Away - Pearl Charles

Twin Narratives - Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip)

The Cochno Stone - Lavinia Blackwall (Trembling Bells)

LA Times - Thomas Patterson (Shindig!)

Teenage Rampage - Claire Catterall (Somerset House)

The Economies of Kindness - Alex Neilson (Alex Rex)

Ode to (Old) Joy - Jeffrey Silverstein

Reyner Banham Loves LA - Bobby Lee

Hunter S Thompson - Sarah Feeney

In a Nutshell - Simon Rudkin

Justice for Black Lives - James Kemmenoe

Illustrations - Dan Wilson


Ethically made in England using sustainable sources