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Navy premium weight 100% Portuguese cotton TSPTR hooded sweatshirt with metal zipper, 60s style hand warmer pockets and water based ink print

Let's see.
What was we talkin' about?
Sick City
Restless people, from the sick city
Burn their home down
Make the sky look pretty
What can I do?
I'm just a person
This is a lie we always seem to hear
You just sit and things get worse and
Watch tv and drink your beer
Walking all alone
Not going anywhere
Walking all alone
Nobody seems to care
Restless as wind
This town is killing me
Got to put an end to this
Restless misery
I'm just one of those restless people
That can never be satisfied with living
In this sick old, sick old, sick, sick, sick city
It might be too late for me to say goodbye
Might be too late to watch this sick, old city die
Go on the road
Yeah, I'm going to try to say
Sick city so long, goodbye and die.

Ethically Made in Portugal

Sick City Zip Hood