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White premium weight 100% cotton certified organic TSPTR tee with an authentic 1970s Peanuts water based ink print

In 1966 Brian Wilson had a sand box with a grand piano installed in his Bel Air home so he could compose music with his bare feet in the sand. It was at this piano he wrote the seminal 'Good Vibrations'.  He later explained that as a child his mother had told him about vibrations. “To think that invisible feelings, invisible vibrations existed, scared me to death. But she told about dogs that would bark at people and then not bark at others, that a dog would pick up vibrations from these people that you can’t see, but you can feel. And the same existed with people.”

"It came to pass that we talked about good vibrations,” he recalled. “We went ahead and experimented with the song and the idea which is about extrasensory perception."


Ethically made in Portugal