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During the late 1940’s surplus US Navy Gunners smocks were appropriated by California’s Dry Lake Hot Rodders as functional racing jackets, with the original white overdyed in a variety of colors, they also became a staple for surfers in the early 60s, repurposed for early mornings and evenings on the West Coast.

We have adapted the ergonomics of the original garment to fit into a contemporary wardrobe. Details include flat weave front and rear adjusters with drawstring at hem and cuffs

Constructed from soft one wash Portuguese indigo dyed Chambray denim

We recommend buying your usual size in this garment

TSPTR Dry Goods, so named in reference to mid century dry goods stores that specialized in products such as textiles, ready-to-wear clothing, and sundries. A time when clothing was well made and functional, using quality cloth and trims, when form followed function. Constructed using Portuguese cotton twill. For over a century the world’s finest cottons have been made in the hill towns of Portugal. When compared to other cottons, Portuguese twill is consistently softer, stands up far better to repeated washings without pilling or growing thin.

Made in Portugal


Mojave Smock - Chambray Denim Mojave Smock - Chambray Denim

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Mojave Smock - Chambray Denim Mojave Smock - Chambray Denim