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Grey marl premium weight 100% Portuguese cotton TSPTR tee with 1970's Peanuts water based ink print.

Surfer Corky Carroll once wrote about the extremes he and friends would go to in order to sneak onto San Onofre State Beach in the 1950s and ’60s, when that stretch of sand was part of USMC Camp Pendleton under government lock and key.

“On a lucky day, you had no problems. But on others, you could get chased by the Marines and even arrested. It is amazing how few surfers got caught when you consider that these were dumb surfers against the premier fighting force on the planet,” Carroll wrote.

“Many times, the Marines would pull up on the beach and wait for surfers to lose their boards and grab them. If you swam in to get your board, they would arrest you. I can remember being in the water and having them actually open fire on us, shooting live rounds over our heads. This was normally the time to start paddling north to get out of there.”

Ethically Made in Portugal