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White premium weight soft 100% Portuguese cotton tee with vintage 70s Peanuts print

The 1960s United Airlines slogan 'Fly the friendly skies' was ironically utilised by Vietnam era USAF FAC pilots on t shirts made by Crazy Shirts Hawaii and sold specifically to FAC pilots on incountry bases. Slogans included Fly the friendly skies of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Pilots would often have locally made patches featuring Snoopy in his Flying Ace guise sewn to their jackets or party suits.

The Forward Air Controller (FAC) played a significant part in the Vietnam War from the very start. Largely relegated to airborne duty by the constraints of jungled terrain, FACs began operations as early as 1962. Using makeshift propeller-driven aircraft and inadequate radio nets, they became so essential to air operations that the overall need for FACs would not be completely satisfied until 1969. The FAC's expertise as an air strike controller also made him an intelligence source, munitions expert, communication specialist, and above all, the on-scene commander of the strike forces and the start of any subsequent combat search and rescue if necessary.

Made in Portugal