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During the Vietnam war the U.S military supplied the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) with uniform fabric. ERDL was a camouflage pattern developed by the US Army at its eponymous Engineer Research and Development Laboratory (ERDL) in 1948. It was first issued to US LRRP and SOG units in early 1967 when printed onto to a lightweight cotton poplin textile material used to manufacture Tropical Jackets and jungle pants. The print had a distinctive blurred edge and featured the rarer lime dominant or 'lowland' colorway. This also found its way into ARVN units most notably the Vietnamese Marine Corps. ERDL would later become standard issue for the USMC in Vietnam. 

Additionally, some Tropical Combat Uniforms were made by local/in-country tailors in the ERDL rip-stop material, which were particularly useful when a classified mission required the use of 'sanitized' or 'sterile' apparel, and equipment.

Our ERDL shorts feature an exact reproduction of the original lightweight poplin fabric with lime dominant blurred edge print and NOS Talon 42 zipper.

- Authentic Vietnam period weight cloth and pattern
- Talon 42 Old Stock Zipper
- Front ARVN style patch pockets
- Vietnam period size stamp

Size Chart


Waist 32 inch

Length 15 inch


Waist 34 inch

Length 15 inch


Waist 36 inch

Length 16 inch

ERDL Shorts ERDL Shorts

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