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Premium weight 100% organic cotton TSPTR tee in white with water based ink print

If Apocalypse Now was a “Los Angeles dream of war” as Coppola suggests, the scene featuring the 9th Cavalry Airmobile went to bed with a head full of Westerns. As Willard wryly observes in voiceover: “The First of the Ninth was an old cavalry division that traded in their horses for helicopters and went tear-assing around ‘Nam looking for the shit.” All of the Air Cavalry props used in the scene were based on the Air Cav in Vietnam, right down to Kilgore’s Custer like neckerchief, bugle and the blaring Wagner. Numerous Air Cav pilots in Vietnam adopted Snoopy and his Flying Ace persona as their lucky mascot, painting their helmets and Huey’s with his likeness.

Ethically made in Portugal