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Premium weight 100% organic cotton TSPTR short sleeve sweatshirt in golden ochre with water based ink print

As filming of Apocalypse Now progressed the movie was going increasingly over budget, so much so that it's expenditure became a Hollywood in-joke. The film's accounts department, under so much duress from the studio, made these humorous t shirts as a commentary of the situation. When Coppola found out he threatened to immediately fire anyone caught wearing one.

The t shirts design references the CIA's significant interest in the film's development and narrative. It had become known to them that Coppola’s central character Kurtz was a CIA officer and the narrative would specifically focus on the Agency’s wrongdoings in Vietnam that included political assassinations, drug smuggling and the use of indigenous people as soldiers. The designs uses a pastiche of a 1979 CIA memo detailing their surveillance of Coppola and concern regarding his motivations with the film.

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Ethically made in Portugal

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