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Premium weight 100% organic cotton TSPTR tee in white with water based ink print

NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz of the 1969 Apollo 13 Moon landing mission famously described NASA’s Mission Control Center creed as “Failure is not an option”. Kranz is best known for his role as lead flight director (nicknamed “White Flight”) during NASA’s Apollo 13 crewed Moon landing mission. Kranz’s team was on duty when part of the Apollo 13 Service Module exploded and they dealt with the initial hours of the unfolding accident. His “White Team”, dubbed the “Tiger Team” by the press, set the constraints for the consumption of spacecraft consumables (oxygen, electricity, and water) and controlled the three course-correction burns during the trans-Earth trajectory, as well as the power-up procedures that allowed the astronauts to land safely back on Earth in the command module.

Ethically made in Portugal

Snoopy '69 Tee