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Premium weight 100% organic cotton TSPTR tee in yellow with water based ink print

It was Christmas Eve 1968 and the first manned mission to the moon had reached its destination. Flight Control asked the crew, “What does the ‘ole Moon look like from 60 miles?” “Like dirty beach sand with lots of footprints in it,” Bill Anders, the mission photographer replied. Over the next 20 hours, Apollo 8 orbited the Moon 10 times at an altitude of about 60 miles. As Apollo 8 slipped into lunar orbit, the command module came around and visible through the window was a bright blue and white bauble suspended in the black above the relentless grey of the moon. Anders captured one of the most influential images in history. A driving force of the environmental movement, the picture, which became known as Earthrise, showed the world as a singular, fragile, oasis.

Ethically made in Portugal