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TSPTR x EAST ASIA blurred edge ERDL Boonie hat

Based on an authentic Vietnam era short brim boonie hat.

Locally made boonie hats were procured by many of the CIA operatives and Special Forces outfits in South East Asia during the Vietnam war. During the early stages of the Vietnam War the US Government placed orders for camouflage uniforms with several South East Asian countries under the CISO and Mutual Defense Assistance Program (MDAP). Many of the Special Forces units such as LRRPs and Rangers would have boonie hats made by local tailors to specific patterns. Most opted for what were known as 'stingy' brim hats meaning they had a much shorter brim than the usual issue hats.

The ERDL pattern, also known as the Leaf pattern was developed by the US Army at its Engineer Research & Development Laboratories (ERDL) in 1948. It wasn't used until the Vietnam War, when it was issued to elite reconnaissance and Special Forces units beginning early 1967.

The pattern consists of four colours printed in an interlocking pattern. It was initially produced in a green-dominant colourway, consisting of large organic shapes in olive green and brown, black 'branches' and light green 'leaf highlights'. Shortly after it was first fielded in Vietnam a brown-dominant scheme with the light green replaced by light tan was introduced.

Will comfortably fit sizes 58 to 59cm

Made in Hong Kong

ERDL Boonie Hat ERDL Boonie Hat

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ERDL Boonie Hat