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Sun fade pink classic 70s long sleeve tee in premium weight slub cotton with water based ink print

During the early 1970s Schulz introduced skateboarding into the Peanuts strip, at this time skating was a predominately Californian pasttime, subsequently the sport exploded in popularity. In 1974, Allen SarloJay AdamsTony Alva, Chris Cahill and Stacy Peralta, joined the Zephyr surf team organised by Jeff Ho. The team spent most of their time surfing at the Cove at Pacific Ocean Park. Once a thriving amusement park atop a pier, POP was now abandoned, run down and nicknamed "Dogtown" by the locals. With large tilted, wood pilings jutting from the water, and not enough room for everyone who wanted to surf there, the Cove was an incredibly dangerous place to surf. The Z-Boys surfed it anyway, the hazardous conditions only driving them on. They would surf in the mornings, when the waves were the highest. When the pier waves died down after the early morning, they would hang out at the Zephyr shop, running errands, doing homework, skating and flirting with passing girls. At that time, the Z-Boys saw skating as a hobby, something to do after surfing, but it quickly grew from a hobby into a new way to express themselves.