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Exactly 50 years ago in March 1967, 15 women met in Barbara Avedon’s living room to talk about ways they could work together to help bring an end to the Vietnam war. “We were not ‘bearded, sandaled youths,’ ‘wild-eyed radicals’ or dyed in the wool ‘old line freedom fighter’, we wanted the Congress to know that they were dealing with an awakening and enraged middle class.” They formed Another Mother for Peace and their first action was a Mothers Day campaign in opposition to the War. Their plan was to send then President LBJ and members of Congress Mother's Day cards expressing their yearning for peace. Los Angeles artist Lorraine Art Schneider donated the use of a striking illustration for the Mother's Day peace cards - a sunflower on yellow background amid the slogan “War is not healthy for children and other living things.”

The Mother's Day card featured Schneider’s sunflower design on the front. Inside was this text:

For my Mother's Day gift this year,

I don't want candy or flowers.

I want an end to killing. We who have given life

must be dedicated to preserving it. Please talk peace.

The design was a huge hit and became synonymous with the fight against the war in Vietnam.

White slub cotton tee with printed design.