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Antique white premium slub cotton raglan jersey with authentic 1940's WWII US Army Pathfinders design.

During World War II, the Pathfinders were a group of volunteers selected within the US Airborne units who were specially trained to operate navigation aids to guide the main airborne body to the drop zones. The Pathfinder teams (sticks) were made up of a group of eight to twelve Pathfinders and a group of six bodyguards whose job was to defend the Pathfinders while they set up their equipment. The Pathfinder teams dropped approximately thirty minutes before the main body in order to locate designated drop zones and provide radio and visual guides for the main force in order to improve the accuracy of the jump. These navigational aids included compass beacons, colored panels, Eureka radar sets, and colored smoke. When they jumped, the Pathfinders many times would encounter less resistance than the follow-up waves of paratroopers, simply because they had the element of surprise on their side. Once the main body jumped, the Pathfinders then joined their original units and fought as standard airborne infantry. The Pathfinders played a key role in the D Day invasion of Normandy, creating their motto 'First in, last out.