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Black shower proof Coach Jacket with full brushed cotton lining, nickel snaps and jet pockets with Peanuts Snoopy Sukajan style water based ink print

The roots of the Souvenir Jacket, or 'Sukajan' in Japanese, can be traced back to American soldiers stationed in the Pacific Theater following the end of World War II and continued through Korea and Vietnam into the 1980's. During the post-war occupation, American troops started getting traditional Japanese designs hand-stitched into the backs of their jackets to commemorate their time in Japan. Popular designs included Japanese (and Chinese) style dragons, Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms and trees. Other soldiers chose local artwork that ranged from traditional maps to Geisha girls. These jackets were brought back to the United States as literal souvenirs and sometimes were purchased as gifts for family members and close friends. The origin of the term Sukajan is contested; with some believing the word was an amalgamation of Sky Dragon Jumper in Japanese. Others trace the origins of the name to Yokosuka, an area where American soldiers were stationed; simply combine the words ‘Yokosuka’ and Japanese-accented ‘Jumper’ and you get ‘Sukajan.’

Suka Snoopy Coach jacket