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Black premium weight 100% cotton certified organic TSPTR tee with water based ink print

During the early 1980s, the United States became a battlezone for what was described by the media as "Satanic Panic", a nationwide phenomenon that led to dire accusations, horrific violence and high-profile criminal trials. The Satanism hysteria of the 1980s had many causes, from conservative religious fears about the normalisation of permissive values to a growing wariness of the psychic costs of a technocratic society. Throw in the arrival of home video rental and cable-TV news, with its predilection for hyping terrible local crimes into collective national fears, and a widespread dread of the Evil One became unavoidable. The 20th century's foremost advocate for pop Satanism was Anton LaVey, who spent the 1970s drawing attention to his own unique brand of media-friendly Satan worship, focusing largely on the worthiness of hedonism. LaVey wrote books and appeared on talk shows and hung out with movie stars, and so by the 1980s, his ability to shock was long gone. That meant, some people feared, that younger occultists increasingly were embracing actual demonic acts in a return to Satanism's truly evil roots. Worried Americans started to see the Devil's work in almost everything, but foremost was horror movies and the board game Dungeons & Dragons

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