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Padded helmet bag with large main compartment and 2 large exterior pockets. Padded carry handles and large webbing strap with nickel hardware.

Originally pioneered by VNMC (Vietnamese Marine Corps) in the early 1960s, Tiger Stripe pattern camouflage was soon adopted by US Special Forces and SOG / LRRP teams. Tiger Stripe garments were locally procured and not issued by the US Military, they were available in a number of different patterns during the course of the Vietnam War including ADS (Advisor Sparse), JWD (John Wayne Dense), VMS (VNMC Sparse) and LSR (Late war, sparse, reversed pattern). The 'gold' refers to the distinctive golden fade the camo takes on after a period of wear in the jungle.

Size - 19" X 19"

- Metal hardware and snaps
- Hand machined TSPTR name tape
- New Old Stock YKK Zipper
- Olive Drab OD7 Canvas Lining
- Orange nylon lining
- Made In Hong Kong
Gold Tiger USAF Bag