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M-65 Field Jacket in authentic GOLD TIGER PATTERN camo

Issued in 1965 and widely used by all areas of the US Military during the Vietnam War, the M-65 jacket became useful for troops serving in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam, keeping a soldier warm from the cool weather conditions that came after monsoonal rains. Although officially issued only in olive green shade 107, Tiger Pattern versions were locally made or procured by various US Special Forces outfits.

Originally pioneered by VNMC (Vietnamese Marine Corps) in the early 1960s, Tiger Stripe pattern camouflage was soon adopted by US Special Forces and SOG / LRRP teams. Tiger Stripe garments were locally procured and not issued by the US Military, they were available in a number of different patterns during the course of the Vietnam War including ADS (Advisor Sparse), JWD (John Wayne Dense), VMS (VNMC Sparse) and LSR (Late war, sparse, reversed pattern). The 'gold' refers to the distinctive golden fade the camo takes on after a period of wear in the jungle.

Exact replica of the original period issue M-65

- Old Stock YKK Zipper Iron Pinlocking Rectangular Puller
- Authentic Vietnam period cloth and John Wayne Dense Tiger pattern
- 100% heavy cotton outer
- 100% cotton lining
- Made in Hong Kong 

Size Chart

Shoulder 19 inch
Chest 21 1/2 ( 43 inch )
Length 29 inch
Sleeve 24 inch

Shoulder 20 inch
Chest 23 ( 46 inch )
Length 31 inch
Sleeve 25 inch

Shoulder 21 inch
Chest 24 ( 48 inch )
Length 29 inch
Sleeve 25 1/2 inch

Shoulder 21 1/2 inch
Chest 25 ( 50 inch )
Length 33 inch
Sleeve 26 1/2 inch

Gold Tiger M-65 Field Jacket Gold Tiger M-65 Field Jacket

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Gold Tiger M-65 Field Jacket Gold Tiger M-65 Field Jacket Gold Tiger M-65 Field Jacket