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Slimmer ARVN cut Gold Tiger Pattern Jungle Pants

Originally pioneered by VNMC (Vietnamese Marine Corps) in the early 1960s, Tiger Stripe pattern camouflage was soon adopted by US Special Forces and SOG / LRRP teams. Tiger Stripe garments were locally procured and not issued by the US Military, they were available in a number of different patterns during the course of the Vietnam War. The 'gold' refers to the distinctive golden fade the camo takes on after a period of wear in the jungle.

- Authentic Vietnam period weight cloth and Tiger camo pattern
- Talon Old Stock Zipper
- Slimmer tapered leg ARVN pattern
- Vietnam era military size stamp
- Vintage washed


Size Chart


Waist 30 inch

Length 14 inch


Waist 32 inch

Length 15 inch


Waist 34 inch

Length 15 inch


Waist 36 inch

Length 16 inch

Gold Tiger ARVN Jungle Pants