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White premium weight slub cotton tee with design printed in water based ink.

Between Venice Beach and Santa Monica was an abandoned amusement park right on the water called the Pacific Ocean Park Pier. During the 1970s locals called it the P-O-P. In the middle of the POP was an area where the huge wood pilings and rickety piers were built in a U-shape, the locals called it "The Cove." It was an incredibly dangerous place to surf, with large tilted wood pilings jutting from the water and not enough room for all the surfers. But the local surfers of Dogtown prized their secret surf spot and defended it fiercely - often with force. Outsiders had to earn their way in. Jeff Ho's Z-boys enjoyed skateboarding as something to do after surfing. The activity grew from a hobby for the Zephyr team into a new way to express themselves and to show what they were made of. Style was the most important aspect of skateboarding to the Zephyr team, and they pulled all their inspiration from surfing.