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Yellow premium weight soft 100% Portuguese cotton sweatshirt

"Charlie Brown's All Stars!" was broadcast by CBS in 1966, and featured a rare, if not unique, surfing scene. "Surf's up!" shouts Linus. In a split of a second, Snoopy jumps off his doghouse, grabs a longboard, and leaps into an inflatable pool. 

Snoopy displays a vast array of tricks, including the Hang Ten, cross stepping, 360s, and tube riding. Until a wave crashes over him, and the iconic canine wipeouts.

And then it's skateboarding time. The gang head out sidewalk surfing casually pulling off tricks until Charlie Brown interrupts them. Let's not forget that surfing was living its first heydays in California, before spreading to all corners of the globe. And skateboarding was only just expanding, after the recent launch of "The Quarterly Skateboarder."

The kids that in a few years time would form the foundation of the Dogtown era skate scene would have no doubt been watching Linus and the gang in that animated special.

Made in Portugal