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Locally made boonie hats were procured by many of the CIA operatives and Special Forces outfits in South East Asia during the Vietnam war. During the early stages of the Vietnam War the US Government placed orders for camouflage uniforms with several South East Asian countries under the CISO and Mutual Defense Assistance Program (MDAP). Tiger Stripe was one such pattern, it quickly became available to US Advisors and personnel, the items varied in coloration and style with mis-matched sets being common. Many of the Special Forces units such as LRRPs and Rangers would have boonie hats made by local tailors to specific patterns. On USAF bases locally made boonie hats would be worn be off duty pilots, usually constructed using a variety of fabrics and worn with ‘party suits’ for base events.

We have taken this piece and created it in 3 of our signature fabrics :

10 oz. indigo-dyed selvedge fabric woven in Japan on vintage Imamura looms. A faithful reproduction of a pre-1930s quality, this fabric facilitates a traditional drape and ease of movement whilst ageing gracefully. Loaded with nep that provides a grainy pop amongst the deep indigo, this uniquely-textured fabric will fade into a palette of rich blues and chalky whites.

Cotton herringbone twill a 9oz a faithful reproduction of the HBT used by the US army in 1943.

Kasuri :
Woven at a 200 year old mill in Hiroshima, this is an organic cotton plant dyed indigo kasuri. Resist dye method in random to create the pattern.

A percentage of each sale from this collection will go to the only specialist charity for children affected by war.
Cigarette Pocket Boonie Hat Cigarette Pocket Boonie Hat

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Cigarette Pocket Boonie Hat Cigarette Pocket Boonie Hat Cigarette Pocket Boonie Hat