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White / Navy premium weight soft 100% Portuguese cotton baseball raglan tee

For all of the Burrito brothers and sisters out there! The Flying Burrito Brothers 1969 cosmic country debut cast a shadow almost from day one, influencing artists ranging from the Rolling Stones to the Eagles and Tom Petty, and on to entire generations of future Americana luminaries. The Burrito Brothers weren’t the first artists to hybridize country and rock but The Gilded Palace of Sin was druggier, sexier and more youthful — as much about the intermingling of their Nudie suits and hippie haircuts as about running steel guitar through a fuzz box or applying George Jones vocal moves to cosmic rock.

Gram Parsons is at the center of the Burritos legend. During his 26-year lifetime, Parsons also made two brilliant influential solo albums, GP and Grievous Angel. His Southern-rogue charm was at its best in the Burritos, where it could play off fellow Byrd expatriate Chris Hillman’s roots-music bona fides. Bassist Chris Ethridge, like Parsons a heavy-lidded product of the South brought deep red-clay grooves. Steel-guitarist “Sneaky” Pete Kleinow added instrumental magic.

Made in Portugal

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