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Start your own cult! California has always been a stopping place for cults in search of utopia or a refuge from hostile surroundings. During the Sixties the state spawned, and even exported, a panoply of cults that included homegrown offshoots of Eastern religions, radical political movements, neoChristian sects and a veritable supermarket of selfawareness movements. Such movements, and those who lead them, chose California largely because it is more tolerant than most places of the bizarre and outré. But several other reasons are apparent, among them was the unceasing migration to California of more and more young people who were looking for new lives.

White premium weight soft 100% Portuguese cotton tee with printed lettering

Hand tie dyed by Dye BByy

Each garment is hand dyed in super small quantities and every one is slightly different. It is unlikely the garment in the picture will be the exact one you receive but it will have been dyed in the same batch, with the same coloured dyes, in the same pattern. Due to the nature of the dying process there may be interesting irregularities or inconsistencies in the dye - this is part of the fun.

Made in Portugal


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