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Limited edition TSPTR x Rivendell Mountain Works metallic orange 550ml lightweight aluminium water bottle with carabiner clip

Founded in 1971 in Snoqualmie, WA, Rivendell Mountain Works was the brainchild of climber Larry Horton. The name was taken from Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings, a book much loved by Horton and the climbing community at that time. The flagship products were based on designs created by the late Don Jensen, who was a climber active with the Harvard Mountaineering Club, in the 1960’s. Larry had a keen sense of how to manufacture these products to a high standard and a design philosophy of adhering to a theme of simplicity. In the 1977 catalog, Larry wrote “In spite of our choice to remain a cottage industry-or, perhaps, because of it-we have managed to continue an innovative influence on the world of equipment for backpackers, climbers and skiers.”

73mm x 190mm

Not dishwasher safe