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TSPTR The 'Nam Pin Pack featuring four classic 25mm button pins emblazoned with iconography of four of our favorite Vietnam Combat Photographers. Made in USA.

The war in Vietnam was the first time the true potential of the helicopter was harnessed in a combat situation something that dramatically changed the role of wartime reportage. The helicopters ability to quickly drop troops into combat zones gave combat photographers and journalists the opportunity to follow the action first hand as it happened, readily finding themselves in firefights and hot locations, allowing the Vietnam War to become the world’s first ‘televised’ conflict. The rate at which the volume of the press grew made traditional methods of combat very difficult as the war progressed; the American public were given front row seats to the genuine horrors of war and reacted to it accordingly. While previous conflicts had been covered by award winning traditional photojournalists, Vietnam attracted a new breed of combat photographer – young and daring thrill seekers each trying to out do the other to get the ‘killer’ shot. Veteran Larry Burrows was joined by Sean Flynn, Dana Stone and Catherine Leroy, who together shot some of the most important photography during this conflict, the exploits of these photographers have since entered into myth, their brazen lifestyle and daring work in the field became the stuff of legend but more significant, their photos, shot within the frenzied theatre of combat, became pivotal in exposing Americans at home to the brutality and ambiguous profit of their military's involvement in the region, ultimately instrumental in bringing about an end to the war.