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Locally made boonie hats were procured by many of the CIA operatives and Special Forces outfits in South East Asia during the Vietnam war. During the early stages of the Vietnam War the US Government placed orders for camouflage uniforms with several South East Asian countries under the CISO and Mutual Defense Assistance Program (MDAP). Tiger Stripe was one such pattern, it quickly became available to US Advisors and personnel, the items varied in coloration and style with mis-matched sets being common.

Many of the Special Forces units such as LRRPs and Rangers would have boonie hats made by local tailors to specific patterns. Most opted for what were known as 'stingy' brim hats meaning they had a much shorter brim than the usual issue hats.

Vintage washed for a faded and time worn effect

- Authentic Advisor Sparse Gold Tiger pattern and construction
- 100% cotton with Union Special construction
- Made in Hong Kong

Will fit size 57 - 59cm - due to the vintage wash process the hat will initially fit quite tight but will quickly expand to fit up to 59cm