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ERDL was a camouflage pattern developed by the US Army at the Engineer Research and Development Laboratory (ERDL) in 1948. It was first issued to US LRRP and SOG units in early 1967, during the Vietnam War, printed onto to a lightweight cotton poplin textile material used to manufacture Tropical Jackets and jungle pants. The print had a distinctive blurred edge and featured the rarer lime dominant or 'lowland' colorway. This also found its way into ARVN units most notably the Vietnamese Marine Corps. ERDL would later become standard issue for the USMC in Vietnam. 

Locally made boonie hats were procured by many of the CIA operatives and Special Forces outfits in South East Asia during the Vietnam war.  Many of the units such as LRRPs and Rangers would have boonie hats made by local tailors to specific patterns. Most opted for what were known as 'stingy' brim hats meaning they had a much shorter brim than the usual issue hats.

Our ERDL Boonie hat feature an exact reproduction of the original lightweight poplin fabric with lime dominant blurred edge print and a short SOG style brim.

Fits sizes 58cm - 60cm