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TSPTR x Eastman Leather Mixed Batch A-2 Flight Jacket

The A-2 is without doubt the most famous of all the WWII flight jacket designs, later made into a style classic by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. Standardised on May 29th 1931 as the regulation Army Air Corp intermediate flight jacket it was used until the end of the war and well into the 60s. The official colour was ‘Seal Brown’, but this was represented in many various shades as it turned out. Indeed, references to other shades such as Russet and Havana were also used. For the first time we’ve adapted the classic into what was known as a mixed batch jacket, two different shades with wool cuffs, endzone twill lining and a vintage NOS zipper

The garment is finally given the Eastman TimeWorn® process, which renders it with a stunning vintage patina that is unbelievably convincing. Both the painting and the patch melt into the leather as though they have been seated there for decades, giving you the ultimate in a recreation of a true vintage icon.

Due to the extremely specialist nature of this product only a very few pieces can be made on a yearly basis, so we ask for your kind understanding if delivery times are particularly extended when ordering this item.

Handmade in England

Mixed Batch A-2 Flight Jacket Mixed Batch A-2 Flight Jacket

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Mixed Batch A-2 Flight Jacket Mixed Batch A-2 Flight Jacket