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This specific Tiger pattern was named in honor of John Wayne's character in the Vietnam war movie The Green Berets. The 2 patterns that have come to be known as John Wayne Dense and John Wayne Sparse were first conceived as exclusive issue items to early CIDG and regional forces as early as 1962 for use in all war zones. The patterns were made in Japan, silkscreened on to heavy weight fabric.

John Wayne's actual Tiger suit was made from a bolt of cloth brought back from Vietnam by the Army for this purpose and then sewn by the firm "Western Costume Company, North Hollywood, USA' to the correct pattern. This was mainly due to the fact he would have require a larger Anglo fitting suit.

Our Tiger shorts use the slimmer ARVN cut silhouette with patch pockets and reinforced knees. Originally pioneered by VNMC (Vietnamese Marine Corps) in the early 1960s, they were soon adopted by US Special Forces and SOG / LRRP teams.

- Exact reproduction of the JWD Tiger camo pattern
- Talon Old Stock Zipper
- Slimmer tapered leg ARVN pattern
- Vietnam era military size stamp
- Vintage washed



Size Chart


Waist 30 inch

Length 15 inch


Waist 32 inch

Length 15 inch


Waist 34 inch

Length 15 inch


Waist 36 inch

Length 16 inch

John Wayne Dense Tiger Shorts John Wayne Dense Tiger Shorts

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John Wayne Dense Tiger Shorts