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Locally made boonie hats were procured by many of the CIA operatives and Special Forces outfits in South East Asia during the early part of the war. During the early stages of the Vietnam War the US Government placed orders for camouflage uniforms with several South East Asian countries under the Mutual Defense Assistance Program (MDAP). Beo-Gam or Leopard spot was one such pattern, it quickly became available to US Advisors and personnel, the items varied in coloration and style with mis-matched sets being common.

Beo-Gam is thought to originate from US WWII Frogskin camouflage. CIA personnel operating in South East Asia during the 1950's procured sets of commercial hunting clothing from US sporting goods outlets, consequently the pattern was sometimes known as 'duck hunter' although the later Asian produced sets did distinctively differ in color and pattern to the US made sets.

- Authentic Vietnam period Beo Gam pattern cloth and Chain stitch construction
- 100% cotton
- Made in Hong Kong


Fits size 57cm - 59cm
Beo Gam Camo Boonie Hat